10 TikTok Ideas for Small Business Owners

TikTok Tips for Business Owners


If you haven't been using TikTok for your small business, then you've seriously been missing out on all the TikTok love that small business owners have been getting. TikTok has the power to take your small business from zero orders to over hundreds of orders in one day! I've seen and heard success stories. Here are 10 ideas  for your small business:

1. Show viewers how you package your products.

Show them your step by step process. What tissue paper you use, how you carefully place items in the box. Do you put anything special in the package to preserve the life or freshness? Show all of that.

2. Give viewers tips on how to start their own businesses

or tips on where to get vendor info or any other tips that would be helpful to them in their own business journey.

3. Give viewers a peek at how you make your products.

Go through the exact process and give tips on how you have perfected your methods  over the course of running your business. Viewers will appreciate you letting them see another side of your business.

4. Put a unique spin on a trending TikTok challenge.

As small business owners, we need to be creative about the way we remain relevant on social media. Take a TikTok challenge and make it your own. 

5. Participate in a TikTok Challenge that's already trending.

Yes, jump on the bandwagon. Sometimes, when we follow algorithms and use the trending sounds and hashtags, we get rewarded with more sales and higher visibility, but more importantly, sales! Cha-ching!

6. Share not very well known statistics or tips in your industry.

The internet is flooded with free information that gets circulated. If you want to set yourself apart, dig a little deeper and find information that's not so readily available. It will not only set you apart from the rest but it will establish you as an authority figure in your industry.

7. Do a Duet with another TikTok creator.

Doing a duet will not only grant you more visibility but it can lead to more traffic to your website. Doing a duet allows you to create a video that will appear alongside another TikTok user's videos. 

8. Update customers and viewers on when you'll be releasing new products.

They'll be happy to be updated and can keep an eye out for when you launch.

9. Do a trending TikTok This or That, but for your business.

For instance, you could try doing LLC or Corporation as one category. For another you could specify which ecommerce platform you prefer. Another could be where you buy shipping supplies for. Be creative and think of unique ideas that no one has thought of.

10. Give viewers an inspirational message.

Sometimes, as a business owner, things can get tough. Giving your viewers some inspirational quotes or words of wisdom can help brighten their day and boost their confidence. 


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