What is a Sales Funnel? And why do YOU need it??!!

So you’re conducting business and you just can’t seem to turn your followers into customers. Or maybe you’re just starting up and need some tips on how to get customers to buy from you.

Well, the truth is: Your Sales Funnel is going to be your yellow brick road to get your customers from point A to Point B, or in your case from being interested in your business to becoming a paying customer.

The first step to creating a sales funnel is Awareness. How will customers become aware of your brand? Through Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest?

However you choose to allow your audience to become aware, make sure it’s a popular platform with an open circuit. So Snap Chat isn’t necessarily the most effective platform for building an audience to gain awareness.

Awareness should give benefits and explain to your audience what you’re offering and how you can help them.

The Second Step toward creating a sales funnel is gaining Interestfrom potential customers/clients. Teach your customers something new everyday. Give them information that they haven’t already been given. They’ll be sure to remember you and come back for more value.

Avoid posting generic recycled content that everyone else is posting. It makes you appear generic as opposed to authentic and authoritative. There are no guidelines for posting. But just make sure you’re posting unique and refreshing content. You have something unique and different to offer.

The Third Step is Decision. How are you going to help your customer? This is where email lists come into play. Your email list should be used to keep the interest of your audience.

They’re already aware of your brand. Now it’s time to put in the overtime and get them to click that “buy now” button. Other helpful ways to show your audience how you can help them is through Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, Facebook Live and any other platform that allows you to showcase your products/services in a LIVE format.

Webinars and eCourses are other ways to show how you can help your client. They like to see that you’re a real person who is dedicated to helping them.

The Fourth step is Actionwhich is going in for the sale. After you’ve done the majority of the heavy lifting such as driving traffic to your website, by creating brand awareness, gaining the interest of followers and showing them how you can help them, it’s time to go in for the sale.

One of the greatest ways to close the sale is to create a sense of urgency. Give them a deadline. Tell them to hurry and buy this eBook before midnight at $22 dollars because after midnight, it goes to the full price of $42 and they don’t want to miss out.

Creating a sense of urgency will help them decide quicker if they want to purchase or if they just don’t need it now.

So here are some action steps you could take to get your sales funnel up and running:


  • Choose a Social Media Platform or two that you’ll use to promote your products/services
  • Pin Images from your Website and link them back to your website
  • Create Valuable content everyday
  • Write a guest post on a blog similar to yours
  • Create unique and eye catching posts
  • Write blog posts that contain valuable information



  • Determine a key problem faced by potential clients that you could offer services or products for
  • Use your email list to provide a way to keep in contact with your audience
  • Create a Freebie to entice customers/client to sign up for your email list
  • Create a Call-to-Action on your website or create a pop up to capture new emails


  • Choose a LIVE Platform to promote your business
  • Decide how your followers will be introduced to your services/products
  • Create Welcome emails
  • Provide value


  • Set up an automated email system
  • Introduce yourself to new followers via Facebook Live or Instagram Live/Stories
  • Create a Webinar to get potential clients more intrigued in your services/Products
  • Create a content schedule – Plan your posts, your LIVE sessions, Webinars and Product Launches


Follow these simple steps to create your very own sales funnel. And remember, people are buying YOU. You represent your brand.

So be mindful of what you’re posting because it represents your brand aka YOU.


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