10 Black Friday Tips for Small Business Owners


Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the highest grossing sales days in the entire year, if not the highest. Black Friday is not only an opportunity for customers to find AMAZING deals, but it's also an opportunity for Small Businesses to rake in that cake!

Small Business Owners can easily double or even triple their monthly revenue in just one day! That's why it's super important to start planning for Black Friday in September/October.

What deals are you going to offer? How much will those deals be?

It's important to map all of that out months before. Lucky for you, I compiled a list of steps to take in order to prepare for Black Friday 2021!


TIP# 1- Review Your Products/Services

Take a look at your current offerings. What products are your best sellers or most inquired about? Create a deal out of those products.

If you sell digital products like I do, then you can always offer product bundles for less than they would be at regular pricing.

TIP #2- Build Excitement

Don't just show up to Black Friday thinking you're going to make bank without first getting your customers prepped for what's coming. 

Building anticipation will make them want it more. Think about the Black Friday commercials you've seen in the past and how much you've wanted the item and made a mental note to check with Walmart for the 50".

Tip #3 - Send Out Emails

For your loyal customers who have subscribed to your email list already, send out a preview of what you're going to offer. Emails are a great way to reach those that are not on your social media.

Your email people are YOUR people who have subscribed to you for a reason, not just random people that may have stumbled across your profile.

Consider even sending a special offer to subscribers only.

TIP #4 - Ask Customers What They Want

Another way you could do this is to look at your best sellers and determine what might sell the best on Black Friday. 

You could also poll your audience and ask them what deals they would like on Black Friday. What products have they been scoping out in your site?

What items have been added to your sites wish list the most?

Consider adding those items to your Black Friday Deal List.

TIP #5 - Start Planning Early

A lot of small business owners miss out on money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday because they aren't planning ahead. They're waiting until the last minute and scrape together deals and haven't really prepared.

Check out the Black Friday Planner to get started with mapping out your Black Friday Deals.

Black Friday Planner

Black Friday has so much money just waiting to be claimed. Don't be the one who misses out.

TIP #6 - Create an Irresistible Offer

You've been working in your business and you know what's selling and what isn't. Therefore, you can create an amazingly irresistible offer that your customers won't be able to find at ANY OTHER time during the year.

Commit yourself to never offering this deal again. We can be tempted to offer it more than once because a good deal is a good deal and that's what people want. But, you need to stick to your guns and make it a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OFFER. That phrase alone will get them to at least consider your offer.

TIP #7 - Create a DoorBuster Deal

Many times, retail stores will have DoorBuster Deals or a SALE before the SALE. It's more like a reward for customers who shop before the big sale. Consider offering an early bird package for people who want in early.

Offering an early bird deal is a great way to get the word out about your business and keep your business fresh in customers' minds when the actual Black Friday sale comes along.

TIP #8 - Encourage Gift Card Purchases

This is a great way to get people to spend more in your shop. Encourage them to gift a gift card to their best friend or colleague so they can spend the money in your store.

Gift cards are a surefire way to make sure that you're getting people to spend money directly with you. So push the gift card sales, you could send an email, post the gift cards on social media, or run an ad for them.

TIP #9 - Test out your Links and Landing Pages

If you're expecting heavy traffic on your website, it's important to test out your links and your workflows. Make sure that every link click is leading to the right place.

There's nothing worse than a customer who's literally ready to hand over their cash but can't because your link is leading to the wrong place. You also don't want to be getting hundreds of emails during the busiest day of the year about a broken link. So check EVERY SINGLE LINK.

Tip #10 -Create a Black Friday Aesthetic on your site

Get people's adrenaline pumping and get them hyped and ready for Black Friday. Create an entire Black Friday theme for your customers. This theme is like the same theme and hype surrounding holidays like Halloween and Christmas and New Years.

You want to change it up for the different seasons to get the excitement flowing not only for your customers, but for yourself and your team.

Need help prepping for the coming Black Friday, grab your Black Friday Planner here.

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