Goal Setting Unlocked: How to Set Goals and CRUSH THEM!


It’s easy to log onto Instagram and get instantly inspired by all of the inspirational messages and quotes that keep getting recycled throughout Instagram. It’s also easy to go to a seminar and get hyped over the great motivational speeches provided by the overpaid motivational speakers.


What isn’t easy is staying motivated day after day, failure after failure, despite how you feel when you wake up in the morning. It’s not easy to continue following your dreams and goals when you have no support or when people keep projecting their fears onto you, telling you it’s “hard” or “unattainable”.


Goal setting is also easy. It’s easy to write something down that you feel strongly about or just really want to do. The hard part is following through, day after day.


The truth about goal setting is that it takes commitment. You’ve got to make a commitment to your commitments. You have to chase your dreams, no matter what. If you have to wake up in the morning at 5 am just to get all of your goals accomplished for the day, then do it.




  1. Create an Action Plan– Aside from writing down your goals, it’s important to also create small action steps that will lead you toward accomplishing the goal.


Action steps will allow you to see the steps that you have to take and make the goal seem less overwhelming and more attainable.


  1. Give your Goals Deadlines – Without a deadline, a goal isn’t a goal; it’s just a wish. By giving yourself a deadline, you’re telling yourself that this is important and that it has to be done by a certain day and time.


If you don’t give your goals a deadline, then there’s no sense of urgency to get the goal accomplished. It’s simple something you wrote down that you seem to want.


  1. Create a Reward System – Now, don’t go overboard with this one! Make sure the rewards you’re giving yourself are on the same level as the goal.


For example, rewarding yourself with a $3,000 handbag wouldn’t be reasonable for the goal of:




You kind of want to give yourself a reasonable reward for the goal that you accomplish. So, for that goal accomplished, you could treat yourself to breakfast at your favorite café or pub.


  1. Create a Goal Tracker – I’ve made the habit of tracking my goals because I like to see how far I’ve come and look back to be proud. It also reminds me that I can do anything I put my mind and pen to.


Creating a goal tracker is very easy. Simply create a table in Microsoft Word and in the top row of tabs, give yourself a date column, goal column and any other tabs you’d like to add that will help you keep track of your goals.


  1. Hold Yourself Accountable – This may be one of the hardest things to do, but it is possible! You have to disciplined and you have to be committed to your goals. Make sure you’re waking up early every day, getting things done, checking off tasks on your list and taking action steps toward your goals.


If it’s not possible for you to be accountable to yourself, then try finding an accountability partner who will hold you accountable for getting your goals accomplished. They should definitely be accountable themselves before holding you accountable.


  1. Create Yearly Goals – Yearly goals will help give you an overview of what you want to accomplish throughout the year. Once you’ve created them, it’s easy to set the actionable goals and stem down to monthly and then weekly.


  1. Acknowledge Your Shortcomings –It’s extremely important to know and acknowledge your shortcomings. Once you identify your weaknesses, you can combat them instead of letting them become your downfall.


Write down a list of things that you’re guilty of doing such as:


  • Procrastinating
  • Lack of Consistency
  • Easily Distracted
  • Facebook Scrolling
  • Or Whatever your weakness is


Once you acknowledge what it is that causes you to be unproductive, you’ll be able to combat these weaknesses and get your goals crushed!


Now that you have the tools to become successful, get out there and CRUSH some goals!

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