7 Things I did to Make Money Daily with Etsy


Making money daily sounds like a dream come true. Replacing your 9-5 income sounds even better, doesn’t it? Etsy has been my God send. It has provided me with the platform to make almost $20k! (Yes, I’m close to my goal). BUT, it wasn’t always that way.


I had to figure Etsy out: How to drive traffic to my Etsy shop, how to create the products, how to keep customers coming back. Let me tell, you, it wasn’t easy. It takes a lot of work BUT it is doable. I’ve made more this year (2020) than any other year I’ve been in business on Etsy.


I’ve had my Etsy shop since 2017 and only really began to make good money from it this year. I make money daily. Every day I wake up to ‘New Order’ notifications. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?


And the best part about it is that, I don’t have to do anything except answer customer questions. I’ve done the grunt work and now my automations using Etsy have done the work for me.


So how did I do this?


  1. Digital Products – I create and sell digital products such as eBooks, Templates, Workbooks, and Business Forms for startups and small businesses. Check out my Etsy shop here. Digital products are so easy and cheap to make, require little overhead and when it’s time to edit or update, then it’s easy to do that. With a traditional book, you won’t be able to update/change information as easily.


  1. Link my products to Pinterest – Pinterest is the HOLY GRAIL of information. I swear, sometimes I feel like I can find more on Pinterest than Google. PLUS, Pinterest is more for creatives to find ideas for projects, crafts, business and more. Whenever I create a product, I create a Pin on Pinterest linking that pin back to my Etsy shop. Pinterest has been my BIGGEST source of traffic: bigger than Instagram, bigger than twitter. Pinterest is King for me and my business.



  1. Added Tons of Products – The more products I had, the more sales I made. When I only had 10 to 20 products, I didn’t get half as many sales. When I first started my Etsy Shop I only offered one type of item. Once I expanded my selection, more sales started pouring in. You can’t serve everyone. So I chose a niche: business. All (or most, maybe 98%) of my products have to do with starting, running or growing a business.


So find yourself a niche and stick to that niche. Don’t try to follow the status quo. Just because what someone else has in their shop is selling, doesn’t mean that yours will as well.


  1. Stayed consistent – It took 3 years for me to figure out how to get a consistent income out of Etsy. Through trial and error, customer feedback and learning experiences, I was able to determine a strategy to rake in enough traffic to make consistent sales. Plenty of times I felt like giving up, but I stuck to it, kept a creative mindset and kept putting in the work.



  1. Added tags to my Products – Adding tags to your product listings makes your products more visible to customers and people searching for your products. Tags are sort of like Etsy’s Hashtags. Customers can search using tags and find similar products with the same tags.


But tags can be tricky. You kind of have to get into the mind of the customer and determine what search terms they’d use to find your product, then use that tag. It took me some tweaking to find the right mixture of tags that worked for my business, but I finally got it. Every business will have a different set of tags for their products.


  1. Utilized Etsy Ads – Yes, as much as I fought Etsy ads, I must say that Etsy ads has helped make my shop more visible, bringing more traffic to my shop. Even if the traffic didn’t buy anything right away, they favorited items so they could return later to buy. So it’s a win -win situation.


In any business venture, you’ll need ads to gain visibility. Visibility will allow those who may not have known about your business get to know your business. To gain sales, building the know, like, trust factor is incredibly important. First customers must get to know you, then they’ll start to like you, and then they’ll trust you enough to buy from you.


  1. Listened to my Audience – Listening to your audience is a huge key to success. Customers would come into my inbox and ask me did I have specific things like a DJ contract kit or an eBook on sales funnels. So what did I do? I listened to them and created those products because I know they aren’t the only ones who will need them.


Most times, when we’re struggling with what content to produce, the answer is in our comments and in our inboxes. The questions that customers ask (the most) should be turned into eBooks, eCourses, master classes, etc.


I hope this information helped! If you have any questions please, don’t hesitate to ask! Good luck with your Etsy shop!


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