5 Reasons you need Clubhouse to EXPLODE your business

Use Clubhouse to Explode your Business


Clubhouse, the latest and most exclusive social media platform to explode and provide business owners and content creators with a platform to have conversations about important business topics including how to grow your business, marketing tactics, branding tips and so much more.

If you've never heard of Clubhouse, you're a little late to the party, but not too late because currently the app is in Beta and only users who have received an invite can join the app. Oh yeah, and you have to have an iPhone (no Android users over there!) Talk about exclusivity. Everyone seems to want in! 📱

So what is Clubhouse and how can you get in while its hot? Let me tell you.

Clubhouse is currently a free audio-only platform where you can navigate through different rooms and join in to listen to different conversations about topics you're interested in. The platform allows you to add 1 photo and links to your Twitter and Instagram account.

You can also network with other users, follow celebrities and build your own audience to enhance your expertise. Currently there are 3 roles that you can have within the Clubhouse app. You can be:

1. The Moderator - the one who hosts the conversation and starts the room. This person is responsible for keeping the conversation going as long as the room is open and active.

2. A guest speaker - The one who is asked by the moderator to join in on the conversation. The guest speaker can chime in at any time and is also responsible for helping the conversation flow. 

3. An Audience Member - If you are a member of the audience, you are just a listener of the conversation. However, you can raise your hand at any time and the moderator Amy or may not approve your request to speak on the topic at hand. You may also choose to leave quietly at any time.

If you're on Clubhouse right now, you literally have gold in your hands. To properly utilize the platform, its important to stay active and join in different conversations of which you can provide your expert advice.

So how can Clubhouse help your business? 

1. Use it to collaborate with other business owners. If you know someone that is well-versed in their area of expertise, collaborate with them to bring value to your followers. Collaboration also makes your business more visible by exposing yourself to the audience of your collaborators.

2. Start a Club on clubhouse to allow yourself to connect with other users who are interested on that topic. Once you create a Club you're able to invite others to your Clubhouse club.

3. A huge part of business ownership is meeting clients where they are and not expecting them to simply find you. Clubhouse is the latest in social media platforms and is buzzing out here in these streets. So if your target audience hangs out here, then its probably safe to say that you NEED to be on this platform.

4. It allows you to speak without being seen. A huge problem for a lot of entrepreneurs and a lot of the world is their fear of public speaking. They don't want all eyes on them when they speak. Clubhouse offers a solution to that problem. The app has made it so that you can speak without being seen. Everyone has a voice on Clubhouse. Utilize it.

5. Clubhouse can help you learn more from others that are further along in their businesses. Remember to be a teacher as well as a learner. There is always something you don't know that someone can teach you.

If you have an invite, get on that platform ASAP! If not, you may have to wait until it goes public.

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This is how the platform looks 👇🏽:

Clubhouse Profile

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