5 Manifestation Mistakes You Might Be Making


The law of attraction is a tricky thing. You have to be really careful about your thoughts, especially your subconscious thoughts!


You might be one of those people that feel like you’re “faking” it when it comes to the law of attraction.


Well, the truth is…. You probably are! If you’re feeling like you fake smile, chant your mantras with fake sarcasm and go through your day HOPING that things will suddenly and finally change… then, you’ll be waiting forever.


Sorry to say, but that isn’t how the law of attraction aka manifesting works. You have to have BELIEF in what you’re saying and doing.


  1. You Give up too Fast– Sometimes, perseverance can be the hardest part of the journey. Someone like me, I like to know everything, like when something’s going to happen, how it’s going to happen and what I need to do to make it happen.


But that’s just not how the law of attraction works. You have to trust the universe. First, tell it exactly what you want over and over again, and just align! Focus on keeping your vibrations high and watch everything fall into place. Watch people come into your life that are right for you and watch your success slowly come to you.


  1. You’re too focused on How it’s going to happen We all wonder how a lot of things are going to fall into place and wonder what we could do to speed up the process.


I’m guilty of this! I’m someone who likes to always be prepared and know exactly what’s going to happen. But if you want to manifest something, you have to let go of control and trust that the universe will guide you to where you need to be. Just remember to be in alignment, meaning, keep your vibrations high!


  1. You don’t take time to determine exactly what you want – Writing down your goals is important. It’s important because you’re being specific with the universe about what you want. If you take a look inside my Entrepreneur’s Kit, you’ll find a Specify worksheet that will help you be specific about your goals and what you want.


How can the universe know what you want if you don’t tell it? Start writing down your goals and looking at them daily!


  1. You’re not Affirming – Saying your daily affirmations is very important! Saying them with power and belief is even more important! Because anyone can just say them and not mean it.


Guess what the end result will be? Yeah, nothing.


            Ever hear the saying “You get what you give”? Well, that rings very true when it comes

            Manifesting what you want. You have to put in energy and effort if you want the results.


  1. You’re not Visualizing –Visualizing what you want, seeing yourself in that winning position is important to do every day. Every single time you visualize, you’re sending that energy into the universe. So if you’re visualizing one day and not the next and there’s no consistency, you’re going to confuse the universe.


You have to be consistent with what you do and what you tell the universe you want. When you’re saying your affirmations, say them with power, confidence and conviction!


Stay focused and persevere. For some of us, it takes a year. For others it could take 5 years. Just put in the work and you will see results. And remember, just when you feel like giving up, you may be RIGHT around the corner from your goals!


You’ve got this!

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