27 Content Ideas for Instagram Stories


Instagram is the social media platform with the highest engagement rate; higher than Twitter and Facebook. And with the sort of recent addition of Instagram stories, there’s an even better way to boost engagement with audiences. But sometimes having the content to post can be tough to come up with.


Here are 37 Content Ideas to use for Instagram Stories:


  1. Behind the Scenes– Take your audience behind the scenes of your brand. Show them what products you’re working on, what your schedule for the day looks like and how you plan, and other tips you have for them.
  2. Your Work Space – Show your audience the space where all the magic happens. Maybe you have some crystals you’d like to explain the meaning behind or a Buddha Statue that helps bring peace to your work environment.
  3. A Peek inside A Project You’re Working On – Give your audience a small peek inside maybe the programs that you use to create your products or a different type of project you’re working on. Show them the ins and outs of creating that product.
  4. A book you’re currently Reading – Take them through a few pages of the current book you’re reading. Tell them your favorite parts or why the book is helping you get through a specific area you’re struggling in or have struggled in in the past.
  5. Your Meals – Take a quick pic of your meal and post it to your Insta Story. People love to see the little things in your life. After being a follower of you for awhile, they’ll want to see little parts of your life, whether its food, lifestyle, clothing, etc.
  6. A Tip – Offer your audience a free tip. They’ll see the value in it and want to come back for more. Make the tip interesting and relevant to their interests.
  7. A Statistic – Statistics are perfect for corroborating a tip. Use statistics to help improve your value. Not many people really look up statistics unless they’re analysts or are just really curious.
  8. A Selfie – Show the audience that you’re a real person. They don’t want to buy from someone or follow someone that hides behind quotes and product pictures. Show them who you are!
  9. Teach Them Something – People love someone who teaches them something. Imagine having a friend that doesn’t provide any value to you or your life. You’ll find them less interesting than someone who always has new information, information that can benefit you.
  10. Show Them How You Create Something – Show them the process for which you create your products. Show them the tools that you use and the tips or tricks you use.
  11. An Inspiring Story – Share with them an inspiring story that happened to you or someone you know. Inspiring stories have a way of motivating us sometimes. So it’s nice to hear an inspiring story sometimes
  12. A motivational Quote – Motivational quotes are so common on Social Media. Try to share a motivational quote that is rare, or create your own. Sharing the same ones everyone else shares can bring the value of your business down and make you blend in with the rest of them.
  13. A Shout out – Shout out a fellow Business babe that you see doing their thing. Tell her how you feel about her business efforts in a genuine way.
  14. A recommendation – Recommend products or services that you use that you think your audience could find useful.
  15. A review – Reviews can sometimes be paid for through ad form. So the product or service that you recommend should be a genuine recommendation. Because if your audience tries it and it’s not amazing like you said it would be, you’re going to lose credibility.
  16. Promote your Blog Post – Promoting your blog post is a great way to introduce your audience to your free content and get them prepped to start whipping out their wallets. Make sure you’ve put some effort into your blog posts.
  17. Promote Your latest IG Post – Because of Instagram’s new algorithm, your posts may not show to potential customers. Therefore, you’ve got to put in the extra work to get people to your page. So promoting your latest Instagram post may be helpful.
  18. Host A Giveaway – Host a giveaway. Give your audience instructions on what to do in order to be entered to win an iPad or some other gadget. Could even be a gift box of some sort.
  19. Promote a Freebie – If you have a freebie that you’re promoting, promote it in your IG stories. Some people may miss the post if you post it just on your IG page.
  20. A Daily Affirmation – Post your daily affirmations every day to give others ideas about what affirmations they’d like to practice saying for themselves.
  21. Vision Board – Post a picture or video of your vision board on your IG stories. Your vision board could give others ideas for their vision boards or inspire them in some way.
  22. Favorite Music – Post what kind of music you’re into. Or what you’re listening to for the day. Add in your product or freebie to give a boost to the product.
  23. A Night Out – Post a video or pic of you and friends out on the town. Giving some insight into the human side of you will help give audiences a better view of you as a person.
  24. A Motivational Rant – Go on a motivational rant. Talk about how something inspires you or how you feel about something that motivates you.
  25. Show them one of your Processes – Show them your system for getting sales, promoting content or writing blog posts.
  26. Show them some things from your personal life – Your spouse, your kids, etc. Just give them a quick sneak peek.
  27. Some of Your Goals – Take your audience into your goals. Show them how you set goals, which goals you have and how you’re going to reach those goals.


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