17 Amazing Lead Magnet Ideas to Build + Grow your email List

17 Amazing Lead Magnet Ideas




Your email list is one of the major organs in your business. Without your email list, you don’t really have a reliable trust worthy way to keep in contact with your potential clients and customers.


Sure, you have social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. But what happens if you wake up one morning and Instagram isn’t Instagram anymore. They’ve decided to change their platform into a social network site strictly for comic books sales?


Or what if you wake up one morning and someone has hacked your Instagram account and your profile gets deleted?


You have to be properly prepared for things like this. Don’t put all your eggs in the Instagram or Facebook basket. Get yourself an email hosting provider and start building your list.


One way to grow your list? An attractive lead magnet!


What’s a lead magnet? An offer you give to potential subscribers, something they’re really interested in, can’t say no to, for FREE, in exchange for their email address.


Lead magnets are a great way to start growing your brand and your email list. Need some helpful ideas on what type of things you could offer to your clients or potential clients for free!


Here are 17 ideas:


  1. Ebooks

    – Perhaps my favorite form of a FREEBIE. Ebooks are easy to write, don’t have to be that long, and provide your client with valuable information.


  1. Workbooks –

    Work books are like eBooks, but they provide information and have exercises and activities that need to be completed. Workbooks are definitely my second favorite.


  1. Email Courses –

    Email courses are a way of keeping potential customers engaged. Remember, the lead magnet is only a way to get the email address so that you can convert them into paying customers.


  1. Cheat Sheets –

    Providing customers with an insight on how to gain results on a topic that they’re interested in is going to be a guaranteed big hit. I mean, who wouldn’t want to learn of some sort of secret or some insight into an industry that they’re into? People who want to be successful! That’s who.


  1. Planners –

    Who doesn’t love a printable planner such as a content calendar or something along those lines? The printable versions of these planners are the perfect lead magnet (freebie). There’s no shipping involved and they can instantly download it after providing their email.


  1. Calendars –

    If you have 2019 planners just laying around (I do, haha), then you could offer them as a freebie/ lead magnet! People love the idea of being organized.


  1. Templates –

    I absolutely love templates! Templates are a great idea for a freebie because its like an outline to teach them how to format something. Some ideas for a template could be like an outline, a business plan or a resume template.


  1. Mini eCourses –

    Ecourses are a good route to take when it comes to lead magnets. Not everyone likes to read through an eBook, but they’ll sit through a mini eCourse. Your mini eCourse could include some free valuable information, without giving too much away, but just enough to get them hooked.


  1. Masterclass –

    A masterclass is definitely something you should consider when it comes to creating a lead magnet. You’re teaching your potential clients something for FREE and engaging them with your insight and knowledge. This is a great way for them to get to know you before they become a client (hopefully a long term one).


  • Workshops –

    Workshops are similar to masterclasses.


  • Toolkits –

    Tool kits typically contain a variety of things in it such as eBooks, maybe an audio file and then something like a few resources. Tool kits seem to be an all-in-one type of lead magnet.


  • Starter Kits –

    A starter kit, similar to tool kits, are kits that have a bunch of info about a specific topic such as 7 Steps to Launching your Online Business. It has the similarities of an eBook as well.


  • Product Samples –

    If you have any samples of your work, giving it away as a freebie is a great idea. The potential customer can get an idea of the kind of work you produce and decide if they like it or if they’ll pass.


  • Guides –

    A guide can be anywhere from the length of a pamphlet to the length of a short eBook. A guide gives away informative knowledge and allows the reader to learn something new about a topic they’re interested enough.



  • FREE Consults –

    Offer a free 15 or 30 minute consult in exchange for their email address. Offering a free consult will allow them to get a taste of who you are and know a little more about your level of expertise. People love free information.


  • Action Plans –

    Action plans give detailed instructions on what to do to get to a certain point. They’re kind of like having the customer set actionable goals. Action plans are pretty effective when it comes to lead magnets.


  • Checklists –

    And finally, checklists! Checklists are pretty easy to put together. They provide a list of things that should be done. Then the customer can check off the things to do as they go. An example of the title of a checklist would be something like 10 Steps to starting a business. Then one of the items to be checked off could be File for an EIN #.



If done the right way, your lead magnets could lead to converting free clients into paid clients. Its all about the presentation, the design and the content.


Good Luck!



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