10 Ways to make Money Online (that you can start today)

Ways to Make Money Online


The internet is literally a goldmine FILLED with tons of ways to make money. If you have a laptop and a wifi connection, then you are set up for the potential to be successful. There are tons of different ways that you can tap into the wealth the internet has to offer, and I'm going to show you JUST how.

BUT I need you to be open minded and know that this is not an overnight success type of article, but rather a put in the work now and reap the success over time type of article.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is receiving commissions from promoting other people's products. There are tons of businesses that have affiliate programs that you can participate in as just a regular person. All you have to do is get started blogging to build up your traffic.

No one wants you to promote their products to an audience of your family and that guy down the street who thinks you're kind of cute. Get to blogging because CONTENT IS KING.


  1. Sell Done-For-You Products

Done-for-you products are sweeping the internet as business owners are trying to save time creating their own products. Many business coaches and whatnot are seeking out products that are already created. These types of products are able to be sold for a lot more than, say, a $20 ebook that you create to sell to your own audience.

I've created a few done-for-you products that I sell for a whopping $500 per product. They're pictured below:

Done For You Manifestation Workbook

Done for You Manifestation Workbook 

  1. Create Digital Products

Digital products are literally my favorite type of products. They are the reason I was able to make an income without having a 9 to 5 job. To this day, I have created over 200 digital products and counting.

So what are Digital products? Digital products are any products that are intangible (not able to be touched), that you can sell and distribute online. Here are a few examples of digital products:

- eBooks

- Ecourses

- Checklists

- Audio files (music or audio classes)

- Photos

-  Tutorials

- Guides

- Swipe files

- Recipes

- Mobile Applications

- Printables

- Software

Well, you get the picture! These types of files are easily able to be created and can be sold and delivered to the customer immediately after purchase.

One thing I love about digital products is that you can make it one time and then you're able to sell it continuously. I have digital products that I've created in 2015 that I'm still making money on today. That is the beauty of digital products and passive income.


  1. Perform Tasks online


There are a few websites out there that allow you to perform tasks in exchange for money. For instance, Task Rabbit allows you to perform tasks for people who need them in exchange for cash. Tasks performed include:

- Fixing toilets

- Planting flowers

- Office/Home Delivery

- Mounting a TV/Mirror

- Moving Boxes

And a variety of other tasks. So if you're good with your hands, then you can make money using the Task Rabbit App.

There are tons of single moms, elderly people and just people who want to outsource tasks because they simply don't want to do it themselves that are waiting for someone like you to make their lives just a little easier.

  1. Become an Influencer

I'm sure you hear the word influencer thrown around enough to write a quick ebook on it. There are tons of products out there waiting to be promoted by you. An influencer is someone who obviously has a lot of influence on the public who can most likely get them to buy a product or service that a separate company is selling.

Example: I had been seeing ads about these lashes I viewed once. My guess, I was retargeted! So I kept seeing these ads over and over and kind of skipped over them, UNTILLL, I saw Jeanie Mai (of The Real) talking about them on a TikTok video ad and I was SOLD. So, influencer marketing DOES work.

So how do you become an influencer? Easy! There are tons of platforms that you can get on that have products waiting to be promoted by influencers. Platforms like IZEA and OBVIOUSLY help influencers get connected to companies that need influencers and influencers that want to make money.

  1. Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is an amazing business practice that allows you to open an online store but have NO inventory. All you have to do is choose what items you want to sell in your shop and then when a customer orders the item, the manufacturer will ship the items directly to the customer without you having to do a single thing.

Imagine having NO inventory, NO shipping, and no packaging products. All you have to do is promote your shop. However, with every business, there are pros and cons.

The pro's of starting a drop shipping business are:

- Little to NO capital required

- NO inventory on hand required

- Flexible location

- Easily able to scale

- Wide range of products to choose from


The cons of starting a drop shipping business

- Low profit margins

- Inventory mismanagement

- Issues with suppliers


  1. Start a T-Shirt Business

Starting a t-shirt business can be a profitable business. Everyone loves cute little t-shirts with sexy, cute or funny verbiage on them. The t-shirt industry is valued at $206 Billion dollars according to Credence Research. You may have never thought about starting a t-shirt business, however, you may want to consider it for a few reasons:

- It's relatively easy to start

- You don't need to carry any inventory

- You can have your t-shirts printed on demand

T-shirts are a rapidly growing market, with many people gravitating toward the idea of custom t-shirts. So if you're looking to make money online, then you should consider a t-shirt business.

  1. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a rapidly growing platform that was created for pretty much everything. YouTube features musicians, comedians, talk show hosts, funny amateur videos, gaming videos, children's entertainment and pretty much any and everything you can think of under the sun. You've probably spent countless hours on YouTube, scrolling through mindless videos,  but have never really thought about making coin with YouTube.

There are MANY creators online who make tens of thousands of dollars per month on Youtube by simply creating content and getting paid by YouTube. How? There are companies out there like Verizon, Walmart, Sephora and other giants who PAY to advertise on YouTube. Their advertisements are displayed on YOUR video. So, the more views you get on your video, the more money you will make.

The BEST part? You pay NOTHING. Other companies pay. All you have to do is upload content people want to see, promote your channel and get it in front of as many eyes as possible, then you start to bring in the coin.


  1. Create an App - 

    If you have an idea for making a mobile application, there are tons of sites out there that make it super easy to start a mobile application. BuildApp and AppMachine can help you create an app that you can keep making money with. You can create a game app, information app or even a productivity app. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Write Articles for other Companies 

    There are TONS of companies out there that are paying cash to writers. Huge companies like Instacart and Honest usually outsource this task to other companies who hire writers. here is a list of companies that pay writers anywhere between $50 to $200 to write articles.

- Freelance Mom

- CopyHackers

- Income Diary

- Daily Worth

- CEO Hangout

- Clear Voice

- ECommerce Insiders

- Penny Hoarder

- Scripted

- LongReads


There you have it! There are many ways for you to make money online! If you're struggling with ideas, book a 1:1 strategy session with me, and we will get you on the road to building an amazing business!

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