10 Ways to Grow Your Email List

10 Ways to Grow Your Email List


10 Ways to Grow Your Email List


Your email list is literally a CASH Vending machine. Deposit some valuable knowledge into your list and out comes the cash. Every subscriber on your list is worth $1. Build your list to 5,000 and you have the potential to make $5,000-$10,000 every time you launch a new offer or signature offer.


Many people are sleeping on the idea of building an email list because, well, they think they have social media. BUT social media could disappear one day and you would have NO way to reach all of your social media followers.


Social Media is literally rented space. In exchange for your engagement and presence, you are receiving the opportunity to make money on the various platforms.


But in all honesty, you are not in control of anything on social media. Sure you can post what you want (to a certain degree), however, there are obviously restrictions and rules. On your email list, you own the space you have and you have no restrictions on what you can and cannot say. And this is not to mention that there are WAY less distractions.


So if you want to build an email list to start making bank, here are 15 ways you can do just that:

 1. Offer a valuable irresistible lead magnet.


This is one of the easiest ways to grow your email list. Depending on your audience, you could offer a free audio, ebook, mini course or an excerpt of a chapter of a book in exchange for an email address.


Keep in mind, your freebie must be something related to your industry as well as something that is in relation to a paid offer that you currently have.

 2. Utilize Pinterest.


Pinterest has a huge audience of over 400 million daily active users who are looking for content in a wide array of topics. This is an opportunity to grow your list and get new eyes on it.


Create an eye-catching Pinterest graphic using Canva.



Once you’ve created the eye-catching Pinterest graphic, upload it to one of your Pinterest Boards and link it back to your opt-in form.


The traffic you gain from the pin will link to your opt-in form and it will only be a matter of time before you begin to build your list.

 3. Interact in Facebook Groups.


You’re probably wondering what Facebook groups have to do with building an email list. Facebook only allows users to have a maximum of 5,000 friends. Therefore, by only sending opt-in offers to your list, you’re capped at 5,000 POTENTIAL people.


In Facebook groups, there are tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of people that you can pitch your offer to. This way, you reach a large number of people on this one platform.


Find a Facebook group that specializes in topics surrounding your industry. Join 3 to 5 of them and utilize the platform by posting your opt-in form strategically.

 4. Run a Facebook Ad for a lead magnet that requires email for access to it.


In order to run a Facebook ad for this, you’ll choose the option in the Facebook Ads setup that says Lead Generation. This means your main goal for running this ad is gaining leads through your opt-in form.


This is one way to reach a broader audience in a shorter amount of time. Your business needs visibility and you can directly target the right people and get them to your list quicker with Facebook ads.

 5. Add Engagement Features to Your YouTube videos.


Video Outro's are tools that YouTubers can use to get their subscribers or viewers to take action such as clicking a link, or viewing another video that may be related to the video they were previously watching.


Use this opportunity to get these people over to your email list. Offer them a freebie, a discount, a free trial for an affiliate link or something that may be beneficial to them in relation to the topic of the video.

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Grab the Email Like a Pro: How to Build a List that Pays

 6. Add a Links Page to Your Instagram Bio.


Instagram allows you to have ONE link in your bio. The way to properly utilize this feature is to have a list of links that users can click on. One of those links needs to be your opt-in form. Allow visitors to subscribe to your email list as well as purchase a few of your products.


Naturally when you are building your Instagram following, as you post more and more content, you’ll get traffic to your Links page which will encourage some visitors to click the link to subscribe to your email list and opt-in to your lead magnet, therein growing your list.

 7. Create content surrounding the topic of your lead magnet.


All of your content should point to an offer you have whether its paid or free. That is where the strategy lies. Posting random content serves no purpose for your business. When you’re posting on any social media platform, every post should have a purpose.


For example: If the offer you have is called How to Start a Business for $99, then your social media post should talk about the benefits of starting a business and casually lean into your offer.


This is one of the best ways to provide value to your audience while at the same time growing your email list.

 8. Use the Swipe Up Feature On Instagram Stories.


Instagram allows its creators and business pages to post links directly in their stories. For example, if you post a picture or link to a picture from your Instagram feed, you can click the add link button to your IG stories and visitors/viewers can click directly on the link leading to your opt-in form OR your offer. Utilize this feature to maximize traffic to your website and increase the chances of subscribers to your list.

 9. Be a Guest Writer on another Blogger’s Website and Create a Clickable Call-to-Action Link.


Becoming a guest writer can not only open the door for more traffic to your website but it can gain you new leads by introducing yourself and your brand to an entirely new audience.


The key here is to write about a topic similar to the blogger that you’re writing for and position yourself as an expert. At the end of the article, you can then link to your email subscription link or your lead magnet link.


All of this can be done in Convertkit.

 10. Add QR Codes to Your Business Cards.


Canva has an amazing feature that allows you to create your own QR Code that can link to any web address that you choose. Link the QR code to either your links page (such as a Link.Tree page) or your own personalized link page that you’ve created via your website.


When someone takes a business card and scans the QR code, they can easily sign up for your email list.


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