10 Types of Content to Send your Email List


If you’re a newbie to the email marketing game, you’re probably at a loss of what types of content to send to your subscribers.


In fact, you may be to the point where you don’t even know what to say, how to say it, the tone of voice to use or what content to send to them.


Just keep in mind, that you are the coach, the leader and your audience is looking to you for advice, tips on how to improve their lives and whatever else they can get to brighten up their lives.


Think of the last time you subscribed to an email list. Did you subscribe for a freebie? For the free advice? Workshops? Or the expertise?


That is what your audience is looking for and that is what you need to provide to them.


  1. Worksheets– Feel free to send your clients worksheets such as cheat sheets, outlines, and templates to help them
  2. How To’s – Probably one of the best things to send. People that don’t know how to do something will research and not find the answers. But you can use this form of content to offer free information to keep your audience hooked.


Eventually they’ll buy something from you because you provide so much value.


  1. Announcements – Use your email list to make announcements about your business. For instance, keep your audience updated on any changes that may be taking place in your life, in your business or in the news.


People can be pretty lazy when it comes to researching things for themselves. SO if you can do all the work for them, they’ll love you for it.


(I just had a flashback from my undergrad days. Boy, would I have LOVED to have someone do all the research, and present it to me so I could write my papers J).



  1. Email Courses – You can absolutely use your email to send out email courses to your clients that sign up for it!


Email courses are a little less direct, and tend to kind of introduce newbies to your brand. So this one’s definitely recommended.

  1. Projects your Working on/ Behind the Scenes – Feel free to keep your subscribers updated on anything new your working on. This is especially good for something like a product launch or a new eCourse. That way, you can kind of gauge how in demand it is or not.


Also, feel free to show your audience the behind the scenes stuff like the making of your product. Show them the processes you take to make your product and even offer them the opportunity to create their own.


  1. Business Growth (numbers, targets, goals) – This can be a good or bad thing. It can be good because it lets your audience know that you KNOW what you’re doing and that your strategies are working.


However, if you don’t do it in the right manner, it can come off as bragging or even unbelievable. And you don’t want it to come off that way. I, personally, like to see business growth such as sales and increased sales from another business because it lets me know that I’m following the right person and their strategies are bringing in the cash!


  1. Advice – Who can resist a little business or expertise advice here and there? It’s always comforting knowing that someone else has gone through what you have, and is actually still going.


In business, it can be very hard on some when the failures come, when things don’t go as planned, and when we realize there’s so much more to it than we thought.


So offering advice and comfort is definitely helpful!


  1. Tools your Business Uses – A lot of people may be skeptical about sharing the tricks of the trade with their audiences. However, If you’re confident in your own abilities of creating, this won’t scare you.


No one can duplicate you. They can try. But what is it really saying about them if they’re copying you? That they’re lazy and most likely won’t follow through with any of it.


So share with them what apps you use, what software programs you use, and some hacks to help with productivity and cash flow increase!


  1. Videos – Of what? You ask. Well of pretty much anything. Of course something in line with the business or industry you’re in. For instance, send a video of the latest financial stock info, promoting your next free course, or a sale your having for a limited amount of time.


People love watching videos as opposed to reading long paragraphs. So, also keep that in mind when you’re sending out your emails for the week.


  • FREEBIES– Perhaps one of the best ways to get new subscribers via social media! I mean, who doesn’t love something free that they actually WANT?


Offer freebies to prospective and loyal clients. Clients will love that you appreciate them and it will definitely keep them coming back for more info.



Good luck with your email list!

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