10 Reasons You're Not Making Sales

Sales is the reason we get into business. So if you're in business and not making any, there's definitely something you're doing horribly wrong. (Okay it might not be that bad, but there's something you could be improving upon).

Sales is not something that just comes to you once you set up your website and open up shop. You have to actually DO something to get them. Your marketing may be one of the biggest reasons you aren't making the sale. I've narrowed down this list to 10 reasons why you probably aren't making any sales:

1. Your Mindset Sucks 

Your mindset plays a HUGE role in how successful you become. Belief is the first step in becoming successful. If you don't believe that you are capable of success, you won't ever achieve it. As a Man Thinketh is a great book to get you on the path to creating a success mindset. Another great is Think and Grow Rich. Get your mind right, and your money will follow.

 Your mindset sucks

2. You Feel Like an Imposter 

Imposter syndrome may plague you at some point or another in your career or job. Imposter syndrome is doubting your skills and abilities in your craft and feeling like a complete fraud. This syndrome typically affects high achieving people who aren't able to accept their accomplishments and feel that they may not be deserving of their accolades. 

When you feel like an imposter, its important to remember that you need to separate facts from your emotions. Although it may feel like you're a fraud, remember that you would not have gotten this far if you were. 70% of adults have feelings of being an imposter at some point in their lives. It's important to keep your mind on the right track. 

Try to keep your mind positive. Listen to positive affirmations, inspirational podcasts and do something that makes you happy each day.

3. You're not confident in your Products and Services 

Imposter syndrome can make you feel like your products and services are lacking. You created these amazing products. You have to know how greatly your customers need your products and how much their lives will change once they purchase your products and services.

One great way to become confident in your products is to constantly update and improve them. Remember: Done is better than perfect. Don't always procrastinate because you think that your product won't be great or that you don't have enough information. Always be improving your product or service.

4. You aren't asking for the Sale 

There are many different ways to ask for the sale, including: asking closing questions, by being direct and firm, giving a specific call to action, using a sense of urgency, giving the customer options, etc. If you aren't leading the customer on a journey, and then not asking for the sale on top of that, you're just leaving money at the table. 

Start asking your customer for the sale. Start making your deals so irresistible that they just simply can't say no. Use urgency (and FOMO) to get them to buy. Stop being afraid to ask. Remember: Closed mouths don't get fed.


5. You're pricing your products too Low 

Your product prices should be in alignment with your product's price. For physical products, it's a little easier to determine pricing because you'll determine the cost of materials and labor and determine pricing based off of that. However, when you're pricing your products for ebooks and eCourses, think of the value you're giving and how much it's actually worth as opposed to just pricing it at any price.

Pricing your Products

6. You're not Showing up for your Business 

Business is not just a sometimey thing. Business is ongoing and in most cases doesn't stop until the business is dead. You have to show up every day for your business, meaning, posting to social media, planning out money generating marketing activities, sending out emails, networking with others, creating content and so much more. Every day you should be doing something (more than one thing) to get you closer to your business goals. 

Show up for yourself and your business every single day like its going out of style.

7. You're not Consistent 

Consistency is key in business. Customers need to see a consistent business owner who posts consistently, who introduces new products regularly and who shows up regularly. In the eyes of a customer, inconsistency is a huge turnoff. In fact, if you think about it, in any relationship whether its a romance of a friendship or any other kind of relationship (even in business), consistency is an important factor in building trust.

8. You give up too easily 

When a customer tells you no the first time, it often means (not right now). In marketing, it's said that a customer needs to see your item 7 times before purchasing. You have to promote your products in different ways so that your customers see it 7 times. Sometimes a customer will follow you for days, weeks and months before they buy something from you. 

The first point of contact starts the customer journey. The customer must go through a journey (set up by you) that leads them to the path of finally buying.

9. You aren't making it easy to buy 

If a customer is interested in your products and/or services and they have to jump through hoops in order to purchase, then you'll miss out on sales. For instance, if a customer wants to buy a pair of shoes from you but they have to cash app you $150 and then text you their shipping address, that's already too much work. You should have a website in place that automates that process. Make it easy for customers to buy. 

Add a "Checkout With Amazon" button, or create a one-click buy button. Offer multiple payment options. If you only offer the option to pay via Apple Pay, you're going to lose money from tons of android users who want to buy the shoes.

10. You aren't listening to what your audience wants 

Your audience literally tells you what they want when they ask you questions, when they leave comments and give feedback. Feedback is like gold for businesses. Feedback tells you what you can do to improve the process, the product or the customer service. That's why companies are always eager to ask you for your feedback at the end of a customer service call or sometimes in store or via mail when you order something. Listen to your audience carefully and give them what they want and they'll be loyal to you and your brand.


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