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Business Startup Consulting

Starting a business can be extremely overwhelming. There are a ton of tasks that need to be completed, licenses and permits to be applied for and a ton of other things you may not have thought about.

✨ Clients who hire consultants understand the beginning stages of business much better than those who don't.

✨ Clients have a chance to gain faster expertise giving them the advantage to move forward more quickly than others.

✨ Many times people are fearful of the unknown, paralyzed to take any further steps in business fearful of making mistakes.

That's why I'm here to help! While I take care of the grunt work, the scary stuff, your time will be freed up so that you can better take care of other things such as:

🔹 The Creative Aspects
🔹 Purchasing Inventory
🔹 Taking care of operational tasks

Save time and mistakes by hiring me as your Business Startup Consultant. By purchasing this Business Startup Consulting Package, you will receive:

✅  An extensive Business Plan specified to your Business

✅  A Business Startup checklist including Licenses and Permits specific to your industry and state

✅  A startup cost summary including costs associated with registering your business name, equipment needed, insurance, etc.

✅  A full Market Research Report

✅  Trademark Research Report

✅  Assistance with choosing the right business structure for your specific business

✅  Assistance with business financing options

✅  Assistance with choosing an Accounting System

✅  An extensive Marketing Plan

✅  A self-evaluation questionnaire

✅  Assistance with opening a business bank account

✅  Assistance with applying for an EIN/ Tax ID #

✅  Assistance with Applying for a DUNS # w/ Dun + Bradstreet

✅  Assistance with developing your product/service including filing trademark/copyright, finding a manufacturer, pricing strategy and finding retailers (if applicable)


💫 Clarity & Objectivity
💫 Help with Vendor Sourcing
💫 Branding Strategy
💫 Marketing Campaign + Strategy
💫 Graphic Design
💫 Product Development


🔸Gain access to expertise and knowledge immediately as a business start-up and entrepreneur

🔸Flexible access to your consultant

🔸Get access to a detailed action plan

🔸Eliminate the guessing game and learning curves, + execute with experience from the beginning

🔸Avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls +make better decisions from the start

🔸Add expert-level help from highly experienced professionals to assist with key objectives.


➜After purchasing the package, you will be prompted to follow a link where you will fill out the questionnaire.

➜Once the forms are received, you will receive an email with instructions to select an appointment time and day where we get things rolling.

If you have any questions prior to purchase, please send us a message through our contact submission form. 

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