Breaking the Money Blocks (eBook)
Breaking the Money Blocks (eBook)
Breaking the Money Blocks (eBook)

Breaking the Money Blocks (eBook)

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Does it ever seem like you simply cannot bring in money, no matter how many products you create or how many services you offer?
You're doing all the right things: marketing, advertising, networking, creating, even visualizing, but still the money seems to be stagnant? 

It could be because you have a Money Block! What's a money block? An internalized block you have that is caused by your inner most beliefs burrowed in your subconscious mind.

It's time to break those money blocks by digging deep down inside and discovering what's causing the blockage, rewriting your money story and building up your trust and faith in the universe. You deserve to have a successful business and life!

This Breaking the Money Block eBook/ Workbook will help you discover what's causing the blockage and help you to recondition your thought process to remove the blocks and help you start making money!

The dimensions of the document are 8.5 x 11 (standard paper size).

***Please note: Due to the DIGITAL nature of this product, NO REFUNDS WILL BE ACCEPTED****