Do you struggle with making consistent sales daily? Are you tired of trying strategy after strategy with little to NO results? Then this class is for you. In this replay, I will teach you:

- The exact strategies that bring me sales daily

- The tools I use in my business to get new leads, and get the sale

- The exacts methods that doubled my income in just 60 days!

THIS is how much I've made selling digital products to date! If you want to learn how I did this, everything you need is in this course!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital product. Therefore, due to the digital nature, no refunds will be accepted. Also note, this was a LIVE recorded class.

Have you ever wanted to Self-Publish a Journal or book on Amazon but just couldn't figure out how?

Or maybe you just couldn't get past all the modifications that Amazon keeps requesting? 

I created this course JUST for you! Now you can get on one of the largest platforms for business owners and finally be seen and make sales.

This quick mini course is 30 minutes long and teaches you:

- Where to go to create an Amazon Publishing account

- How to create an Amazon-ready file

- How to modify your designs if you get a request for modification

- How to create Amazon-ready digital files for quick Amazon approval



Branding Like a Boss

Branding is the FOUNDATION of your business. Too many times, I see people skip the branding process and then wonder WHY they're not making sales.

Some people even think they can pick out a few funky colors and slap together a logo they made on Canva that 100 other businesses have and call it branding.

But they haven't:

- Defined their target audience

- Defined their brand personality

- Created a brand cohesiveness across all channels

And then wonder why they haven't made any sales.

If you're struggling to connect to your customers, sales are low or a no-go, then this branding masterclass is JUST what you need to get the foundation of your brand in check.

How amazing would it be to wake up EVERY DAY to sales like this 👇🏾








Are you in?



Selling digital products is low-cost, very low hassle way of earning extra income. I've been creating digital products since 2017 and I've created over 200 different products that have made me close to $50k

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