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NYC BillBoard Advertisement Service

Does your business need more eyes on it? If you had tons of eyes on your business, how many more sales could you make?

If the answer is A TON, then this listing is for you.

Advertise your Business in Times Square in New York CITY. New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world for advertisements with the ability to market in industries such as fashion, technology, finance and startups.

Get millions of eyes on your ad and get the exposure you need to grow and expand.

By purchasing this listing, you will get:

- A Billboard advertisement in Times Square 35.8’W x 32.5’H

Billboards are displayed on: 3 Times Square at the Southwest corner of 43rd Street and 7th Avenue

Please submit:

1. A photo that is ideally 2,700px or more
2. Caption that will be used along with the photo, up to 80 Characters. If you need us to make the caption
for you, please feel free to submit us all the info you want the caption to be based on.

The image gets placed into a carousel with the other images slated for the day. How often it appears - and for how long, and
what times - depends on how many other images are in the carousel. We only guarantee one showing and for a few seconds,
but it's very common for the images to appear several times. Also, at least the one guaranteed showing will be during
high-traffic times. (Beginning or end of business day, basically.) It could potentially appear other times as well.

After the image has been placed, you'll get a low-res shot of it appearing on the Times Square Billboard. (It's sort of like a street cam shot.)

If there's a certain day you'd like to make sure the image appears, we'd need to have it by the day before.

Why Choose us?

✅ Outstanding customer support
✅ Customer satisfaction is out our first priority
✅ Quick Response Time and Friendly Reliable communication
✅ Premium Customer Support even after completion of the order

Any questions prior to booking with us? Please send a direct message and we will answer any questions quickly.

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