Daily Affirmation Cards for Entrepreneurs (Pre-Order)

  • Daily Affirmation Cards for Entrepreneurs (Pre-Order)

Daily Affirmation Cards for Entrepreneurs (Pre-Order)


Daily Affirmations are extremely important for reframing your belief system. Many of us grow up with poor beliefs about money and about our own self-esteem.

Saying your daily affirmations can drastically improve the the overall quality of not only our thoughts but of our lives as a whole. 

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These affirmations can help you with:

- Reframing your beliefs about Money

- Relieve your anxiety

- Improve self-esteem and self-perception

- Give a boost of confidence

- Positively impact the way you feel about yourself


How to Use the Daily Affirmation Cards:

- Choose at least 2-4 cards at random each morning and each night

- Say the affirmations with deep conviction

- Believe in the affirmation that you're saying with all your heart

- Visualize the affirmation coming true or already being true

How Affirmations Work: 

Every word you speak has POWER. Life and Death is in the power of the tongue.

A lot of people don't understand JUST how powerful a word can be. When you say a word, you are saying a SPELL. Your words have power over your life.

So if you say, "My life sucks! Everything bad always happens to me! I can never catch a break." You are speaking those things into existence.

You have the power to create a beautiful and amazing life by simply speaking it and working it into existence. Instead of saying negative things, try saying things like:

"Everything always works in my favor."

"I am blessed."

"The Universe is conspiring to give me everything I want."

Say positive things every day, even when you don't feel like it and watch how things change!