This is your first step toward starting your business! Congrats! I know, super exciting and overwhelming at the same time! 

Starting a business and running it is A LOT of work. Many people don't really understand what it actually takes. They don't always take into account:

- Expenses

- Branding

- Inventory

- Startup Costs

- Marketing

- Building an Email List

- Creating Products

- Writing Sales Copy

- Mindset

-Social Media Marketing

- Building a Community

- Creating Sales Funnels

And everything else! 

That's why I created this service: To take some of the stress and burden off of YOU so that you can run your business effectively and make the sales that will make your dreams come true!

In 60 minutes, we'll discuss:

- Where you are in your business now

- Your Goals (Where you want to be in the next 3 years)

- What business entity you want to form

- What steps that you'll need to take

- A marketing strategy suited specifically for YOUR business

- What's stagnating your business (if formed)

- How to hit your sales goals daily

- How to position yourself as the solution to your customers' problems

- How to drive traffic to your website

- Come up with a strategy to help you get started!


Immediately after this purchase, you will receive a link to book your session!