1:1 Branding Consult

  • 1:1 Branding Consult

1:1 Branding Consult


At the heart 💖 of every BOMB brand, there is a concrete solid branding strategy! Many businesses know the struggle is real, but only because they haven't laid their foundation (BRANDING).

Do you know your brand's voice? Tone? Personality? Your competition?

Have you defined your brand's ideal client avatar from their pain points to what motivates them? Do you know their favorite music? Where they shop? Where they hang out?

Have you defined your vision, mission, purpose and values?

If the answer to ANY of these questions is NO, then you need this Consult!

You're probably struggling to communicate and connect with your audience because you don't know WHO your audience is!

You're probably posting your content but getting no leads and no engagement.

You're probably getting the attention but just little to no sales.

Something is not connecting! 

When your branding is off, it's like trying to sell a barrette to a bald woman. It's just not hitting!

In this branding consult, we'll clearly define your Brand Strategy, connecting the dots by designing a CUSTOM strategy geared toward your target audience. This strategy session will help you define: 

1. Brand Vision (What you see for the future)

2. Brand Purpose (Why you exist)

3. Brand Voice (tone, essence)

4. Brand Values (What's important to you)

5. Brand Personality (Who you are as a brand)

6. Target Audience (Who your message is for)

7. Market Research (What's happening in your industry)

8. Tagline (a one-liner that sums up what you want to accomplish)

9. Brand Awareness Goals (How visible you want to become)

Do yourself a favor and book this consult ASAP so we can map out your entire brand strategy and get you on the path to consistent sales and a solid way to communicate in a way that connects your audience to your product.

Immediately after purchase, you'll get a link to book your first session.

This consult is 60 minutes long! So bring your pen, paper, and your fav iced coffee! See you there! 🙌