1:1 Accountability Partner

  • 1:1 Accountability Partner

1:1 Accountability Partner


Hey you! I know business is hard going at it alone! Wondering what to do next, or if what you're doing is right for your business. Not every strategy is right for you or your business and implementing the WRONG strategy can actually HURT your business.

That's why I'm prepped and ready to get you and your business on the right track. It can suck to try every marketing strategy and every tactic, trick, and tip in the book, and STILL see little results or the same results.

With this investment, you'll get:

- 🔑 Monthly accountability (Letting you know what you should be doing and getting on you if you aren't) However, I am NOT a babysitter. If I have to force you to do things to grow your business that you don't want to do, then this is not the program for you.

-📝 Strategy sessions (To brainstorm new ideas and marketing strategies)

- 📞Weekly Calls ( Calling to check on you and see your progress: sales, leads, new subscribers, etc.)

- 📓Goals + Action Steps (Telling you what you should be doing next)

- 📱24/7 support via text + email (Just don't call me or text me at 2AM! 😂! You will not get an answer! )

Let's get your business snatched for success with accountability!

Immediately after purchase, you'll receive a link to book your first accountability session! Talk to you soon!