Stop Ruining Your Mascara

You will never satisfy everybody in your life. Stop wasting you precious teas on people and things that don’t bring you substance. Oftentimes we spend all of our time trying to convenience people that we are who they desire us to be, but yet we miss who we really are. Start today by saying no to a false identify and yes to the authentic you. I have spent countless years, I mean years, trying to be who everyone in my circle thought I should be. Well not anymore, I am happy to say at this point in my life, I live for me and me only. Some say that’s selfish, but I say it self-less. I am giving less of myself to their desires and transforming more into authentic me.

Is “IF” Hindering Your Success?

Often times we hear individuals stating that their biggest fear is failure. Well my fear is the opposite. My biggest fear is success. Daydreaming about what success feels like, look like, smell like and even taste like has become my nighttime recreation. Sometimes the very thought of it frightens the heck out of me. It’s not that I question my abilities or talents, but it because I fear the unknown.

I have so many “what if” questions that ponder my mind. What if I don’t have the capacity to handle the success? What if I can’t connect with the right team members? What if I can’t thrive in my niche? What if I can’t move my product to productivity? I know this is weird to say, but when you are use to failure, it’s easier for you to remain in that state. In my mind taking a chance can become an unnecessary ailment. It can cripple you and cause you to become paralyze in your current mental condition. I know right, I sound like a defeated foe, without even trying.

It’s been such a struggle for me to even start. I have so many wonderful ideas and visions, but I cant seem to get past the “what ifs”. I wonder if any other entrepreneurs face this same syndrome; the “what iffy’s”. I am sure I am not alone out there in iffy land.

I’ve decided to just take these what iffy’s and rip them to shreds. Excuse my French, but the hell with them, let just jump out there and do the darn things. If there are any iffy’s out there with, we’ve been held back long enough from our dreams. Let’s just launch out into the deep together. Holla at me if you with me.

So ummm, my 30-day challenge to myself will be to do something I’ve never done before each day. By the way, I’m an introvert and this will be a true challenge, because I love to hide behind that wooden door. There is safety behind the door. (Haha) This challenge will also include developing a business ideal that has been lying dormant for a while. So starting tonight, the hell with the iffy’s…. Let’s GO!!!!